To be an integral partner in your company's Performance Improvement.

Through knowledge based products and services, and performance based analysis, provide your company with the resources necessary to successfully achieve your goals.

Our Products & Services
The LPI Group, LLC offers a comprehensive array of products and services designed to improve employee performance and business processes.

Leadership & Employee Development

Whether we are working to train your service level employee or executive leadership team, or improving your business processes, the LPI Group builds upon the foundation that already exists within your organization.  Our approach maximizes your organization's strengths and improves upon your weaknesses.

So much time is spent on meeting the daily demands that ensuring your team has the proper skills is often overlooked.  Let the LPI Group provide you with the resources to evaluate your team, and recommend and implement the actions necessary to maintain or improve your team's performance.

Contact us to learn how we can provide you with the necessary additional resources needed to keep your organization running at maximum efficiency.

Safety & Security

In today's environment safety & security are as critical as ever.  The LPI Group offers many programs to assist your employees with Terrorist Recognition and Response, Crisis Management, First Responder actions and responsibilities, and more.

Transit Operators are more at risk today than any time in our history.  Let us teach your Operators the latest techniques in De-Escalation and Maintaining a Peaceful Bus Environment; and your supervisors and dispatchers how to Critically Listen for and respond to the clues that indicate trouble may be brewing.

We also can train and certify your System Safety Officer, assess your information and internet security, and develop mitigation programs to correct any vulnerabilities.

Passenger Assistance 

In today's world we are seeing an increasingly aging populace, more returning veterans with mobility concerns, and more people relying on a variety of transportation services to access medical appointments.   Transporting these individuals places additional demands on our operators and requires special customer service skills.

With the LPI Group your operators are trained by a Certified Master Training in the skills of assisting the elderly and disabled.

Program Performance

Funding is increasingly difficult to find, especially for training initiatives. Confirming that your training dollars are translating into performance improvement is imperative.

The LPI Group can evaluate your existing programs to find efficiencies and
provide recommendations to improve your company's performance.


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